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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Buy Facebook Likes

Dec 22 2012

Facebook Shares

Facebook Likes vs. Facebook Shares

Facebook Likes are very simple actions that are easy for scammers to create and sell by the 1,000s. For Facebook Likes to be effective they need to be from actual Facebook users.  Often the best like is one that results from a Facebook share.

This is why we decided to offer both paid Facebook Shares and Facebook Likes – in addition to Tweets and Google Plus Shares. 

The beauty of a Facebook Share is that one Facebook Share of your content can turn into several, 100% natural and real Facebook likes.

Our suggestion is to buy both Facebook Likes and Facebook shares for your content.

At SocialLinkMart, our goal is to provide high quality Facebook Likes and Facebook shares from real social media users. So we decided to concede the low quality Facebook Like market to the spammers. Remember, fewer high quality Facebook Likes offer a much greater traffic driving potential than a boatload of junk Facebook likes.

What is a Facebook Share?

A public Facebook Share is a Facebook link to a URL, a snippet about the shared page, and comment that goes directly in the social link provider’s public Facebook timeline for everyone to Like, share, comment on, and visit.  Facebook Shares can bring you tons of free, quality, real “Likes”.  If your content is outstanding, one good share from an authority social media user can generate multiple Likes.  I have seen content where 4 or 5 paid Facebook shares results in 3 times that number in Facebook likes.

Isn’t a Facebook Share as in the example below better than a facebook like? This is why we offer you the option to buy Facebook likes AND Facebook Shares.

Facebook Share

If you are advertising compelling high quality articles that social media users are motivated to pass around, the traffic potential of a public Facebook Shares is almost unlimited.

The blog KISSmetrics has an excellent article called “The Nine Ingredients That Make Great Content” about creating high quality content. It’s a good read that offers tips on how to create the kind of article that have a shot of going viral – or at least read.  Great content will get you lots of natural likes.

Our magic formula is simple. Quality Content + Quality Shares = Quality traffic

So if you are deciding between buying “5000 Facebook Likes!” from bots and fake accounts for a few dollars or buying high quality Facebook Likes from real people with actual Social Media Authority,  the answer is a no brainer.

SocialLinkMart – Real People, Real Social Links.

Sign up at SocialLinkMart Now!


Still not convinced? Ping me on twitter at  @John_Lessnau and I’ll spot you a promo code to test our platform risk free.


Comments (5)

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  1. Beth Jackson says:

    Facebook Shares are no doubt very valuable. Facebook LIKES come more into play when you are a local business or brand. When a potential client sees that you have plenty of facebook likes on your facebook fan page, you are building an instant reputation in their mind.

  2. David S says:

    I tried buying facebook likes from a few of those fb like spam sites with no results. Some of the likes I bought even disappeared. So glad I found your site. I have target a few key pages on my site with not only your facebook shares, but tweets and google plus shares. I couldn’t believe it but my rankings for the money keywords of these pages improved. All I can say is wow (and thanks :) )

  3. Alex says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your service!!! I have been buying a various social media shares from your sellers at a steady rate for one of my websites and my ranking and traffic continue to improved. I am one of those idiots that bought a ton of spam likes, tweets, plus ones etc…r from the bot/fake spam sellers and now see I was flushing my money down toilet with them. No more supporting spammer and scammers for me. It’s great to have a real business in important SEO market, I am floored that you have no competition… hmmm maybe I should get in the business 😀 – just kidding.

    I am very impressed with the quality of the social media accounts of most all of your sellers. I can tell you spent time to weed out anyone with a garbage social media account that won’t do me any good. Keep it up!

  4. Renald says:

    I purchased 10,000 Facebook likes from one of those spammer sites an my site took a nose dive. I hate spammers – why did I give them my money? I’m an idiot. Thank you for actually offering the real thing.

  5. Joe Wyne says:

    I continue to get better rankings and more traffic, finally something that actually works. Amazing!

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