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Friday, May 6, 2016

Fake Facebook Likes

Feb 4 2013

Fake Facebook LikesIf you have ever searched ‘Buy Facebook Likes’, you have probably found websites that sell hundreds or thousands of cheap Facebook Likes. You have most likely wondered where those Likes come from and why they are so cheap. You’ll also notice that they are only looking for Facebook Like buyers; they are never looking for sellers. If they don’t want sellers, where the heck are they getting thousands of Facebook Likes from?

There are a few ways that social link spammers get their garbage Likes

  1. Sweatshop Likes: These Likes normally come from 3rd world countries where suppliers have set up multiple Facebook accounts for their “Likers” using proxy IPs. A hundred workers, each with a hundred Facebook accounts, can generate a thousand crappy Likes in an hour that won’t do you any good.
  2. Bait and Switch: Another method is to do Facebook posts of pictures of half naked women, cool cars, or a cute cat and put a link to the Like buyer’s webpage along with the post. Here is an example of this on a Facebook Like spammer’s page:

Facebook Like Spamming

Do you really want likes from scamming and trickery like this?

  1. Bot accounts: Same as #1 but the Like supplier runs a server or servers with thousands of bot Facebook accounts. A good coder can have these bot accounts friend and chat with each other mimicking a real account. Send a “Like” order to them and the bots happily click away. Facebook is catching these bot accounts and deleting their Likes but there are millions of them out there and new bot accounts are created faster than Facebook can shut them down.
  2. Fake Likes I: Fake Likes often come from thousands of hidden Like buttons around the web. What the scammer does is disguise the Like button as something it is not. Perhaps as a link to view a help page, skip an ad, or win a free iPad. The web surfer clicks a seemingly normal link and unknowingly Likes a spam post.
  3. Fake Likes II: Thousands of microsites are set up that have some type of option that baits clueless web surfers into clicking a Like button to reveal a secret (like how to get rich online). The Like button is clicked, but the Like is redirected to like a different page; there is no secret (except the person just liked something they actually hate).

There are several variations of the above that all involve fake Likes that won’t do you any good.

At SocialLinkMart, We Take an Honest Approach to Social Media Linking

  1. We don’t buy bulk social links from people using the nefarious spamming methods.
  2. Our Social Link providers are real people with real social media authority to do shares of content they feel worth sharing with friend and followers. Advertisers with the best content will get the most and highest quality Facebook shares. Nothing sketchy is involved as everyone knows what they are getting.
  3. We double check our social link providers to make sure they are real people with real friends and followers.

If you are an advertiser at SocialLinkMart we promise you will get real Facebook Likes  from real people with real followers that have real social media authority.

The Facebook Like business is full of scam artists looking to make a fast buck.  Our goal is to rise above the steaming pile of crap that is now available to advertisers and offer a legitimate social linking service.

Amusingly, I receive emails daily from shysters that don’t like our service or website and would love to see us to fail.  I can’t help but go back and forth with some of these scammers via email. I would like to share a recent comment from a Facebook Like spammer that emailed me saying he had thousands of high social media authority accounts run by real people that sold Likes for him and he was making $1000/day.

I told him that’s great and he should have his best clients sign up at SocialLinkMart because if they are real people with social media authority he will make even more money.  As one of my conditions, I asked that he sign up first. He signed up but we could not approve him to do paid social links.  Upon review, his Facebook account was a porn photo site (see #2 above) and he did not have a Twitter account (I require a Twitter connection to pull his social media authority score from  He definitely did not like the Twitter account requirement.

He was not very happy. Here was his reply:

    “but if zou alreadz (sic) made about 1,000.00 USD profit every day, like we do, from social media, then of course zou donąt (sic) need to listen to us, we have only 8 years experience in social media…and making 30,000.00 USD and more profit each month is maybe nothing compared to how much you make with the spammers tool twitter”

The above person the prototypical person supplying the crap Facebook Likes, Twitter tweets, Google Pluses.  Think about it, here is a person selling hundreds of thousands of Likes that does not have any social media authority… Do you really want to deal with people like him and trust him with your social link marketing?

If we end up making $25 a day and sell a quality service, I’ll be more satisfied with that outcome than being in the business of cheating advertisers.  I believe the cream rises to the top.  When more advertisers figure out they are getting scammed they will come here and our client base will continue to grow.

As with the text link advertising market, social media advertisers eventually will realize that in the long run, quality always trumps quantity

John Lessnau


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